Thursday, April 30, 2015

Does Your Online Presence Matter?

I've been thinking about the question for a while and my short answer is: YES!!!

Now before I elaborate on that answer, let me explain what I'm referring to as your online presence.(OP)
Your OP is essentially who you are on the internet. Your profiles and posts on Facebook and Twitter, your boards and pins on Pinterest, your photos on Instagram, wherever you are online is your presence.

So does it really matter how you/I portray ourselves online? Again, yes!
Here's why.

I'm a Christian, which means to be Christ like, and in doing that, I try to emulate Christ in every part of my life. Even when I think others won't see. That being said, if I'm a Christian, I'm a Christian all the time, not just when I'm around other Christians.
The way I choose to use my OP is as a branch of myself; another way to get to know me. So whatever I do online reflects who I am in person.
That being said, I'm not trying to be pretentious or act holier-than-thou. I just choose to act according to my beliefs in real life. 

While I'm not perfect, in real life or otherwise, I also try to live my life as a witness. For me, most times my testimony is told without speaking: I'm always wearing a skirt. Often people will see me wearing a skirt and start a conversation with me and that's how I tell them what I believe.
I think the internet can work the same way. I've met quite a few Message believers because we noticed each others bios or post or pins reflected our common beliefs.
I don't know who sees my OP but I hope that whoever does will see a testimony of Christ in my life.

Of course, you can always choose to keep your profiles as secrets, or only certain people who "understand" will see what you've been up to online. But God sees everything, even when others may not.

Now listen, church, I love you. And I want you to listen to me now. As Brother McCullough used to say, I'm going to say something. Always put the Lord before you, and don't you do nothing that you wouldn't do in His Presence, because He's watching over you. See? The Lord is encamped about those who fear Him. He don't… He just stays right near you. And He knows everything you're doing, and you must recognize that. When you start to tell a lie, don't do it, remember, God is listening at you. If you start to do a little cheat, don't you do it, God's looking at you. If you start to take His Name in vain, don't do it, God's listening at you. Start to smoke a cigarette, He's watching you. See? His… We used to sing a song, "All along on the road to the soul's true abode, there's an eye watching you; every step that you take, this great eye is awake, there's an eye watching you." Remember, do like David, put the Lord always before your face. Then your heart will rejoice and your flesh shall rest in hope, for He promised it. Yes, sir. He knew that he would raise up because God had promised it. All right.

    62-0909E - In His Presence
    Rev. William Marrion Branham

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

30 Facts About Me

Lately I've been thinking of ways to make this blog a bit more personalized. The problem with writing more about myself is I don't want to be any one way here. I don't want to just write about superficial things, but I do want to branch off  into more topics, because sticking to one thing can get boring. So I'm playing it by ear, and hopefully I'll start being a little more adventurous with my writing. Maybe it'll work really well for this blog..... or maybe it'll be a flop. We'll see :-)

Facts About Me:

1. I love the Lord Jesus with all my heart.
He's the most important Thing in the world to me, and I don't even want to imagine my life with the Lord in it.
2. I grew up believing in the End-Time Message.
3.I became a Christian when I was 16.
This May is my 5th anniversary of when I fully accepted Christ into my heart and life.
4. I'm a SkirtGirl.
My beliefs teach me to dress modestly, but even in my rebellious phase I loved wearing skirts and dresses.
5. I'm extremely girly.
I love hair bows, adorable things, and essentially being the epitome of a "girl"
6. I'm a total hermit.
This might sound strange based on my last fact, but I love sleeping, eating junk food, and basically not doing anything or talking to anyone for periods of time.
7. I like being outside.
Hiking, boating, playing on the playground, it doesn't matter.
8. Anything that's remotely dangerous, I will have no part in.
If there is a  high statistic of people getting injured and/or dying while participating, it completely freaks me out.
9. I have an overactive imagination and I always think worst case scenario.
Every time I do something, I've already imagined every possible injury I could incur while doing it, and I've already grit my teeth over the mental pain from that pretend broken leg I just got.
10. I don't understand sports, nor am I good at them, but I like them- except basketball.
11. I'm extremely clumsy, and uncoordinated.
I get hurt doing the most mundane things, at the worst times.
12. I'm left-handed.
But I do almost everything right-handed or both, except writing and eating. Some things I can only do with my right hand, So maybe I'm ambidextrous....or maybe I'm just strange.
13. My hand writing is almost illegible.
But it's pretty. "You're really cute, but I don't know what you're saying."
14. I learned to read when I was 3.
My sister is 3/4 years older than me and she taught me as she learned.
15. I had a speech impediment when I  was younger. 
16. I love singing, but......I can't sing!
That doesn't stop me from trying though.
17. I really like music, but I don't like listening to new music.
I have to force myself to listen to any song that I don't know, and even when I do, I read along with the lyrics. As a consequence, I don't enjoy listening to the radio. 
18. I love old movies. 
Really old movies, like, Gone With The Wind, Ten Commandments, Breakfast At Tiffany's, Etc. 
19. Reading is my favorite pastime. 
And I will pick reading the book over watching the movie every time.
20. I'm addicted to Pinterest!
It's most of my favorite things in one site. What's not to like?
21. I enjoy having my life organized, but I'm pretty bad at keeping it that way. 
22. I'm horrible at remembering dates. 
Days of the week, days of the month, you name it and I'll forget. I'll even forget my birthday is that day until someone wishes me happy birthday.
23. I get really excited about my birthday! 
I have no idea why. 
24. Every year, the week of my birthday, I somehow get sick or hurt.
When I was younger, my mom starting planning my parties before or after my birthday so I'd be well enough to have a good time. 
25. I love cookies, frosting, cupcakes, donuts, and most other sweet things. 
I have a major sweet tooth, but I don't like sprinkles.
26. I'm a really picky eater. 
While I love food, I'm very selective about what I will and will not eat, and I don't like trying new foods. 
27. I'm afraid of heights. 
I have a love/hate relationship with roller coasters and airplanes, but ferris wheels are my worst enemy. 
28. I'm an ISFJ on the personality quiz. 
29. I'm incredibly indecisive, but once I make a decision, I'll stick to it.
30. I'm not an animal person, but hedgehogs and turtles are my favorites.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014


It's that time of the year again. The time when you reflect on the year gone by and think about the hopes and plans for the year to come. I'm always sentimental during this season, with Christmas and all. So I decided to take advantage of this time and write about this past year as well as the one to come.

It's been a wonderful year. Wonderful, not perfect. A perfect year would have been free of any worries or trials, full of triumphs and victories. But you can't have one without the other and I'm grateful for both.

The trials have shown me how faithful and gracious the God I serve is, without them I may not have noticed. Honestly, I felt closer to Him this past year than ever before. More times than I can count, He's washed over my soul with His peace and forgiveness. 

This year has also brought me too many blessings to number; and I know exactly where they came from. He has answered many prayers, sometimes before I could ever pray them. So often this year, all I could say was "Thank You, Lord." 

So many times I didn't even see His Hand at work until I looked back and knew I couldn't have possibly accomplished that on my own. Now I truly understand the 'Footprints in The Sand' story.

It was then I carried you

A Quick Recap of This Year:

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Here We Have No Continuing City

Nothing on this earth lasts. Nothing. The good, bad and ugly. It's all over before you know it. The sun rises and sets the same no matter what's happening in your life. Babies are born, people die, the world constantly proves that "time waits for no man."

Think back to something you looked forward to. The anticipated day, event or moment that seemed like it would never arrive. But it did, and all too soon, it passed. Some of the best days of your life are now a pleasant memory. 

Even some of the not-so-pleasant memories you have have lost of their sting. That friendship that ended someday brings a rueful smile instead of a grimace. That hard time you thought you'd never get through eventually ended and you came out stronger for it. 

But sometimes it's hard living in a world where nothing stays the same. Nothing is in your control, you have the power to do nothing that will last. Anything you accomplish will one day be destroyed, you can't make good times last forever, and try as you might, you can't make hard times nonexistent or even go away just a little more quickly.

Hebrews 13.14
For here have we no continuing city, but we seek one to come.

Matthew 24:35                  
Heaven and earth shall pass away, but my words shall not pass away.

What I find comforting about these verses is that, because nothing in this world lasts forever, I have something to look forward to: Heaven. And even though this world doesn't last forever, God's Word does.

Monday, July 28, 2014


A familiar passage in Ecclesiastes says,
"To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven:  A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted;.........."
I've known those verses as long as I can remember, but recently those Words have spoken to my heart and made me understand something I've been struggling with for years. 

I'm sure I'm not the only one who has down days; days where nothing seems right, when even the best just doesn't seem good enough. It's not anyone else bothering you, it's just that nothing seems to work in your favor. Then there are days where nothing in the world could possibly bring you down, you're just that happy. The only problem is: I don't have up and down days, I have up and down weeks.

I'd noticed long ago that my spiritual life was that way. I love Jesus all the time, but at certain times it just seems easier to be a Christian. It's not that everything is going my way in those times, because I talk to Him about the things that don't. There have been days where I talk to God all day long, singing songs of worship, listening to sermons. I could read my Bible for hours in those times. I just feel so close to the Lord, and His Presence makes me yearn to be even closer.

Then, maybe I'll have a little while where it's so difficult to do anything. I'll pray and it just feels like it's hitting the ceiling; I'll find it hard to focus on the Word. In those times, I'll usually pray or read my Bible mostly because I'll feel guilty if I don't.
Like I said, I've always wondered why that was. Why is it so easy, so natural at times and so taxing at others? 

Recently I had a spell like this and it started to bother me. Why have so many hills and valleys within myself? It's not as if my life is changing; good and bad things happen all the time. Maybe I'm not a good Christian. Good Christians never struggle to be happy, right?

28 And I say this for the benefit of those, many last night who accepted Christ: Don't expect the road to be a flowery bed of ease. It's going to be a rough and rugged road, but it's going to be a blessed road, 'cause He promised He'd be with you. Remember, it always takes the valleys to make the mountain. It's the washing out of the earth, makes the valley, and has the mountain above it.
    57-0613A -  God Keeps His Word
    Rev. William Marrion Branham

I realized that these seasons are just that, seasons. There's mountains and valleys, some are tougher than others, but they all pass. God's Word doesn't, and He promised to be with me no matter what season I'm in at the time.
My favorite verse in that chapter would have to be 11.
He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end.

So many things have happened in my life, good and bad, that I didn't recognize at the time. Situations I thought couldn't possibly turn out ok were actually for my good in the end. I still don't enjoy my valleys, those times when being close to God is such a struggle, but if I didn't have them I wouldn't appreciate it when the going is easy.
God didn't promise me that everyday would be sunny, He said He'd be there no matter what. So no matter what, I'll keep serving Him, regardless of how I feel.

James 3.17

Lately I've been thinking and praying about certain character qualities I'd love to have. These qualities I've read from the Bible and would like to have them as a Christian, and Lord willing, someday, as a wife and mother.
One night, I ended my Quiet Time by reading from the Book of James. The whole chapter is great, but this verse stuck with me.
James 3:17 KJV
But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy.
I thought "I'd love to be that way, that people can come to me and truly see Jesus in my manner, in the way I behave. I'd love to be easily entreated; not quick to argue or be judgemental. I desire to be that way."

So I prayed for those Godly traits, and others I'd read about. 
A little while later, I was falling asleep and kind of talking to the Lord. I somehow began to think about things people have said and done that hurt my feelings; observations that I felt they pointed out just to hurt me or make me be quiet.  And I thought to myself "seems like no one has a problem pointing out my flaws." 

I started to feel sorry for myself. Then I surprised myself by thinking, "well, you do it to others. Don't get mad when it comes around." Of course I immediately threw that thought from my mind. 

I began to comfort myself by singing "He's everything to me" and thinking "it doesn't matter what anyone thinks, God loves me. " I continued thinking about how I've never heard God tell me all the things I'm doing or I've done wrong. He never writes me a note listing "everything I hate about you." Or " what Danielle does that annoys me." Sure, He gives me correction and steers me in the path when I veer off, but He's never put me down the way people have. The way God teaches me, makes me want to do the right thing. 

By now I was feeling pretty justified, self righteous in my new realization. 

"Are you the same way?" Was the next shocking thought that popped in my mind. "Are you slow to anger and patient when someone treats you bad or says something out of turn? Or do you immediately add it to the growing list of 'things I hate about you' ?" I might not always say what I'm thinking at the time but often my attitude and thoughts lean toward the latter.

I realized I'd received that correction I mentioned earlier; the one that makes me want to do right, and this time was no different. I don't want to keep a list on anyone anymore than I'd want God to keep a list of my shortcomings. 

By my attitude and interactions with others, I want them to see Jesus through me. I want to live James 3:17- not to look smart or put on a show- but so that by my life they'd want to be more like Jesus.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

When You Make A Masterpiece.

What if you made something you were proud of? You took months to carefully plan and execute your project, and when you were finally satisfied with your creation, you revealed your masterpiece to the world.

Everyone revered and exclaimed over the wondrous thing you'd made. They handled it carefully, lest they break such a marvelous creation. "It's perfect!!" "The cutest thing I've ever seen!!" "Absolutely gorgeous!!" Will be all you'll hear for a while.

But after a few years, the novelty wears off and people began to notice the "flaws" in your creation. After a while, your creation realizes the flaws exist as well. You began to constantly hear comments such as "I look like a cow, I'm so fat!!!" "Look at these acne scars!!" You see your awesome, wonderful creation begin to doubt themselves or take pride in superficial things that don't matter.

I realized that God must feel this way often. I know most girls(including myself) and guys put a focus on their appearance and while I can't fault them for that, I've been wondering how it became so important and so shallow.

When did smiling become about how teeth look or if eyes become squinty and not about joy being expressed on a face? When did suntans start coming from a bottle and not from spending all summer at the beach enjoying yourself? And when did being "healthy" become a bad thing?
Paul talked about worshipping the creation instead of the Creator. And I've realized that's what I've done. Sometimes my version of getting ready for Sunday service is making sure my dress doesn't make me look like a beached whale.         

I haven't suddenly become a beacon of wisdom, I still wonder what I should do to my hair or whether to bleach my teeth or lose weight. But those things don't really matter. God doesn't make any mistakes.

When He makes something He makes it perfectly, and while the outside is important to please people, the inside is even more so to please God. If anything needs changing, it'd be my heart, my attitude, and my actions.